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Archive 02-26-2008 01:30 PM

SGC's New Registry Assistance
Posted By: <b>Michael Goldberg</b><p>We sincerely appreciate all the positive feedback we have received <br />over the weekend about our new website and Card Registry. The <br />Registry is the result of a significant amount of research and <br />software development, and we're thrilled with the response.<br /><br />In the two days since we launched the new application, our Registry <br />and website have received nearly nine times as many unique visits as <br />normal. As a result of this increase in traffic, you may find <br />certain pages to be slow. We expect the traffic to be high for a <br />while, as people check out our new website and Registry, and this may <br />impact your connection speeds from time to time. Please bear with us.<br /><br />As with any new software application, we expect bugs. Most of the <br />bugs will be related to entering cards into your registry sets, and <br />most will be very easy for us to fix. Should you encounter any <br />issues entering your cards, please make note of the following:<br /><br />-The cert number<br />-The card year, manufacturer, and player name - EXACTLY as it appears <br />on the flip<br /><br />Once you've made note of this, you can contact Michael Goldberg, our <br />Customer Service Manager, at, or call us at 800- <br />SGC-9212. In most cases, we can remedy the situation fairly <br />quickly. Also bear in mind, though, that initially we expect things <br />to take a little longer, since the volume of requests will be much <br />greater over the next few weeks than usual since everything is so new.<br /><br />We are also working on improving the quality of the images in the <br />Gallery View on our Card Registry. Once this is complete, we will <br />post recommendations on the best way to obtain the clearest possible <br />scans in your Registry sets. Please understand that our existing <br />Registry contained tens of thousands of scans of all different shapes <br />and sizes, and it was important for us to build an application that <br />would accommodate all those scans in the best way possible - however, <br />you may find in some cases that your existing registry scans may not <br />be as sharp or as clear as they once were. This is due to the fact <br />that we needed to build a script that would re-format every scan in <br />our old registry, so that they would work properly in our new one, <br />and still provide for the uploading of new scans. Unfortunately, <br />this means that some of the older scans may not be as crisp as they <br />once were. As soon as we have recommendations available, we will <br />post them on our website.<br /><br />As always, we're proud to be your grading company of choice, and are <br />looking forward to continuing to serve you. Our Registry is one of <br />the fastest-growing components of our business, and you can be sure <br />that we have made a commitment to it. Over the next year you can <br />look forward to even more improvements - including new type card, <br />Hall of Fame, and player registries, and improved features and <br />functionality that will continue to make your Registry experience as <br />enjoyable as possible. As always, it is our goal to hear our <br />customers' needs and respond with the best possible solutions.<br /><br />Whether it be our grading scale, attractive and versatile holder, <br />user-friendly website, our world-class grading team, or our new Card <br />Registry, SGC is committed to being the leader in our field, and we <br />look forward to continuing to serve you.<br /><br />Regards,<br /><br />Sean Skeffington<br />VP of Operations

Archive 02-26-2008 01:48 PM

SGC's New Registry Assistance
Posted By: <b>JK</b><p>This, IMO, is why SGC is first in its class. They have a great new product but still take the time to post a response to the few people such as myself who noted having issues with the new registry (specifically, the scan quality).<br /><br />

Archive 02-26-2008 01:49 PM

SGC's New Registry Assistance
Posted By: <b>Todd Schultz</b><p>Thank you! I'm looking forward to using and viewing the new product. Keep up the good work!

Archive 02-26-2008 01:50 PM

SGC's New Registry Assistance
Posted By: <b>Matt</b><p>Great work on the new registry!<br />Any plans to make improvements to the population reports, so at a minimum, player poses are discernible?

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