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hoebob69 04-26-2017 06:53 AM

Fransisco Lindor Bowman Aflac
Hi guys,I just recently bought a 2010 bowman Aflac Francisco Lindor card on eBay for $30. Between my excitement and rush of looking I failed to realize that the autograph was 98.99% fake and that it wasn't a Topps certified pack issue. The seller is obviously giving the run around saying It's not a fake and that he doesn't offer returns. My question is do these Bowman Aflac cards often gain value and will a fake autograph hinder the value being just scribble?

hoebob69 04-26-2017 09:03 AM

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I've included a picture of the card so a better opinion can be given. Basically the card sales on eBay for a few bucks more than I paid. It'll be a long drawn out process to go through eBay and will probably be at least a month before I get refunded. I don't have much experience with this type of situation so if the fake autograph isnt going to hinder the long term value then I'll let it be. Any help on the matter is greatly appreciated.

HOF Auto Rookies 04-26-2017 09:28 AM

You already know how I feel about the autograph :).

As for future value because of it being an Aflac card? A bad autograph will decrease that cost. Not many people will care to have a card like that. The worst part is that it was signed in a ball point pen so if you were to wipe the autograph it would still have the indentation marks from being "signed".

The seller can give you the run around all they want but you are protected by eBay. You can file a claim stating that the item isn't as described and get a refund hopefully.

Best of luck!

swarmee 04-26-2017 06:05 PM

If the signature is a forgery, the card is worth maybe 1/4th of an unsigned card.

irv 04-26-2017 06:49 PM

If there are a lot of these cards out there, and I assume there is, then my guess is hardly anyone will want this one with a fake auto on it.

hoebob69 04-26-2017 07:29 PM

Thanks guys,I'm working with the seller now,but I pretty much already felt the same way. It's a shame to ruin a perfectly good card like that.

Tripredacus 04-27-2017 01:41 PM


Originally Posted by irv (Post 1654817)
If there are a lot of these cards out there, and I assume there is, then my guess is hardly anyone will want this one with a fake auto on it.

To explain these cards better, there are 2 main versions.
One is the official autographed version that has a serial number printed on it.
Another looks the same, but no autograph or serial number. They are made to get IP autos.

So these "blank" types will have the issue of "is this auto fake or just weird because it was an IP auto." To make matters worse, in the case of Lindor, his auto varies a ton on his certified autos as well.

JustinD 04-27-2017 02:27 PM

Not to sound rude, but as a helpful hint, the aflac auto cards are faked to the wazoo. Be extra careful buying any.

In my mind these are only a couple years away from being shunned like the topps rookie premier autos were (mostly because PSAs stupid grading made fakes flood the market)

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