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Izucant05 05-04-2017 06:24 PM

1982 Wrestling All Stars
Hey guys, I've recently been finding these in boxes of cards I never looked through. Can anyone give me some info on them? I know of the set, but couldn't find any current value on the cards and Ebay pricing was all over. I know there's a few here who are big time wrestling collectors, so any advice would be appreciated, I'm looking to sell them all as a lot. Thanks!

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Dpeck100 05-06-2017 02:07 PM

There is a very wide price range when it comes to this set. Some of those performers are still alive and collectors can get them signed which helps with their value. I wouldn't get any of those graded as I have seen numerous examples of raw cards that are visibly worn outsell pretty strong PSA 7's that are graded. Since you are looking to sell them your best bet if you have the time is to list them individually. You may get as low as a few bucks for some and maybe in the teens on a few. If you do list them as a lot just pick a number and list them with best offer and see what happens. Unfortunately they look like they came out of loose box and that will indeed cap their value. Good luck.

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