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Big Red Machine 07-09-2017 07:59 PM
I was wondering if anyone had any experience is purchasing items from this website.

Thank you!

Zach Wheat 07-10-2017 09:09 AM

I have purchased from them before. I only purchased 1 item with no issues. I felt uncomfortable with their purchase process as I had no idea how secure my information was....but my total sale was relatively small. Under $100.


bobsbbcards 07-10-2017 09:55 AM

I've bought from them as well with no trouble, but it did feel sort of antiquated. :rolleyes:

judgejules1 08-29-2017 08:06 PM

I've tried to make a number of purchases from this site this year. A few smaller purchases went through smoothly but I've found they can't handle purchases of volume. Often the stock listed on the site is not updated. Cards they show as available are not, and it has taken many months to complete purchases. I didn't find anything I really took issue with (nothing shady) just frustrated at the time spent trying to complete what should have been a relatively simple order.

Jim65 08-30-2017 05:14 AM

I use to order from them, they have some nice oddball stuff. Delivery was usually pretty slow.

I stopped buying from them after a small item was missing from my order and I emailed them to mention it, they apologized and promised to put it in the mail, I never received it. Its the little things that earn my loyalty and they failed.

ALR-bishop 08-30-2017 09:37 AM


Originally Posted by bobsbbcards (Post 1679286)
I've bought from them as well with no trouble, but it did feel sort of antiquated. :rolleyes:

The feeling is natural for someone our ages Bob.

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