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Originally Posted by wondo View Post
Of course he would, just like Jim Thorpe would run away with the Olympic decathalon, Ernie Nevers would lead the NFL in touchdowns and Johnny Weissmuller would lap Michael Phelps!
Jesse Owens one long jump at the 1935 Big 10 championships would have gotten him 6th at the Olympics last year. 3 of the 6 attempts by the Olympic gold medalist were less than that one jump. Owens only made one attempt because he had to run 3 other races in a 45 minute period in which he set 2 more world records and tied a third.

It is not hard to imagine that Owens could win a world championship today in the long jump using modern equipment and not having to train and compete in other events at the same time. Some athletes do transcend generations. It is not like modern day players have to hit off Walter Johnson. How many great athletes today are playing football or basketball, but would have chosen baseball back in Ruth's day as the nation's favorite sport?
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