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Not surprised in Nashville being a tough matchup for the Blackhawks, but stunned that they took them out in 4.

Unfortunately, I also thought that the Blue Jackets would prove a very difficult obstacle for Pittsburgh. Felt Tortorella had them primed for a playoff run. Oh well. Nice to see that John retains the same post game rapport with the media that he had in New York. Pens maybe better than I thought.

Would love to see the Leafs take out Washington. Will be rooting. Amazing what Lamorello brings to a hockey organization. As a Ranger fan I witnessed his ability for years with the Devils. Cursed him many a time, but you've got to give him his due as a top notch hockey guy.

Rangers on the doorstep of advancing. Canadiens should be a tough out. Somebody please keep this Gallagher out of Lundqvist's crease!! And, secondly, sit on Pacioretty. Go Rangers! And bring back the home whites.
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