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Again? Really? No one is telling anyone what or how to collect.. We were having a discussion about regular rarity and manufactured rarity (it is still manufactured rarity whether you think so or not.) Where does anyone tell anyone how to collect? I suggest you take some reading comprehension classes and study hard because you can't comprehend that no one is being elitist except you. All in your head, made up right here in front of our eyes. It is people like you that conjure up a whole lot of imaginary stuff so you can feel like you are protecting others on the internet. Give me a break...
You are the one that is putting all of this BS out here, it is all in your imagination and not anyone else's. It is ALL YOU. I think you are living in Bizarro World .

Originally Posted by HasselhoffsCheeseburger View Post
My apologies to the OP and everyone reading the thread. I can't stand message board drama but if there's one thing that I can't stand even more than that is someone making fun of a collector for who/what/how/why they collect. This was even more bizarre than usual as the person believed it was somehow a proven fact and not his opinion.

The irony is that he collects prewar, where thousands upon thousands of dollars are the difference because they spelled the player's last name wrong or the ad on the back is different or, the ultimate, the card is severely miscut or there's a severe print defect. It's all the same, folks. There's no such thing as earned rarity when another find could be right around the corner.

But really, it's just about civility. How much of an elitist snob do you have to be to just walk right into a situation blind and crap all over what someone else collects? Talk about a grossly distorted sense of self-importance.

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