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can you post some pictures?

Originally Posted by Pagliman View Post
I have collected Mini bats for about 30 years. Mainly interested in H&B 125 pre-1968 (is this when they stopped burning in?). About 400 total bats in my collection. Maybe 30 or so of the 14-inch variety. Most recent find was a Pie Traynor. I do not have any of the classic decal bats of the early 1900's. However, some years ago I acquired bats with decals of Wagner, Jackson, Collins and Cobb (2 different). The decals have the "classic" look, but the bats have center brands that were used in the 60's. Two have the "Reg U S Pat Off" under the brand and three have the "circle R" after Louisville Slugger. The bats are all in Mint condition. Actually look brand new. Anyone else seen these?

Always looking for 40k Kork Grip Bats, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Ty Cobb, Lou Gehrig and Joe Jackson Bats & Gloves
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