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Default Can somebody tell me if this baseball is what I think it is?

So this might sound really dumb, but as I was going through a bunch of totes of stuff that my grandfather had all kinds of odds and ends thrown into I came across this baseball. There's no telling how long this thing sat in the basement, but honestly it looks like at some point Fido, Lassy, or maybe even Clifford decided it looked like a toy. Which is really kind of depressing because even though at first I didn't think much about it because I don't really have much experience with autographs and sports memorabilia, once I looked up the name that stood out the most, I started piecing together the rest. Now I know this is my first post here and I swear I'm not just trying to get somebody to do the work for me, but I'm guessing there's a couple people here that will be able to tell what this is right away (assuming it's real) without doing all the searching and narrowing down of years that I had to, lol. I'm just kind of curious to see if anybody comes up with the same thing I have. Some of the names are pretty faded, and the one side is kind of rough thanks to Fido, but just in case I bought a little case for it until I know for sure.

Would anybody happen to have an idea what it is I have here?

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