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Default old mini,s

There was a time I wouldn't buy a bat . without a center brand. I missed out on some nice bats. I don't know why the center brand isn't there. It should be?. .today I look for them . 12 inch decal bats buy them?. mini bats. can be rare . The bat you passed on . you may never see another one like it again.
Most Decal bats in any condition You should be able to tell if its a original bat.
The bat you posted looked like a original decal bat . You will know when you see a fake?. The outer edge . if you see white on edges its fake.
The decals H&S/B used . Are similar to the decals you may have put in the water. and slid on to your modal toy car. Original decals are very thin.
Newer decals. Have trouble matching original colors. Red , white, gold trim, The colors can help look at other bats there available to view.

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