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Originally Posted by clydepepper View Post
After realizing that 'taming the monster' was never going to be possible for me, I have concentrated on specific players: The First Five, Smoky Joe, and Cliff Blankenship (1st local in Majors).

I recently felt a financial pinch and let a Ruth go...hope that never happens again.

I also collect Game Cards which I have found to be an affordable option in high grade.

I have only one Nap Lajoie - the 1913 Game Card in Red graded PSA-9.
I hear you on "the monster. " It's not that I am anti T206. I simply have been wary of getting sucked in. There are too many other issues I like. However, focusing on a player allows me to sample it along with many other issues. I chose Lajoie, and I just love the Lajoie portrait! That may well be where I start with Napoleon.

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