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I collect players from my hometown of Kearny, NJ. There aren't many, Dots Miller, Ownie Carroll, Jack Tighe, Sam Dente. There are some more recent players, but I don't collect them yet.

Miller is of course the most popular here because he's in some of the bigger pre-war sets. I have most of his cards, skipping out on some sets if the only difference is the back. Other than that, I pick up random stuff that shows up like photos, signed postcards, World Series worn uniform, pins, just basically anything from that period.

Caroll is surprisingly tough to find stuff for, seeing as he played nine seasons in the majors. I believe he is only in six sets and I'm not sure when I'll see a 1928 Star Candy for him, so it might be awhile before I get anything else for his collection.

I also collect complaints about the sorting facility in town
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