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What's funny to me is that I wouldn't recognize either of the cards you mentioned. I live in the south, but I have a decent hockey card collection. But, in the 1990's/2000's when the companies kept changing and I couldn't keep up with who was making what product on any given year, I just gave up. So, my hockey collection is stagnant. I am not going back any further, because I never saw hockey in the 1950's or before, and I wouldn't even know what to buy for the current stuff. I don't feel like putting $300-$500 into a current set. So, my stuff kinda stops in the 2001/2002 area.

As far as the values, it is just terrible. Here in Carolina, we had Eric Staal. I have a number of his rookie cards, but none of them are worth anything. I think in the NHL, only the highest fruit are worth picking. The guys that are having strong careers, but aren't among that Gretzky/Orr/Crosby level are just not worth much. Heck, Ron Francis retired as the #4 scorer in NHL history, and his rookies are worth slightly more than a McDonald's Happy Meal. I just don't think the money is worth putting into it, and that's a shame, because I love the game.
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