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Originally Posted by Tabe View Post
There's a clip in the middle showing the crowd that pans down onto... not Yankee Stadium. Pretty sure it's Fenway based on the garage doors visible.
No, that's definitely Yankee Stadium. Here's an image from 1929 (with Babe Ruth in right field)...

...and if you look at the building behind the "BVD" and "Palm Beach Suits" ads, you'll see - from left to right - two regular windows, two smaller windows, four more regular size windows, and two windows with a fire escape in front of them.

Now compare it with the building shown directly above the word "Prohibited" at 8:42 in the video, and you'll see that they match. Also, as the cameraman keeps panning toward right field, you'll see a "Gem Razor" ad in front of the bleachers (not the same one that was in the 1929 photo).
What's THAT guy doing?
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