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Default These cards?

You won't find many of those pesky near mint quality cards in my collection, but you will see quantity

I doubt anyone else is actively collecting 20+ sets of favorite set even though I have completed several prewar sets and have a decent prewar HOF collection...none rival my favorite set shown here.
This photo shoot was taken when I was going to stop at 14 sets, but I have blown by that now

I don't think I'd call myself an expert, but I chewed the gum and bought the packs in 1971. I was 9.

I think I knew every card number by heart then...and I think I still do...

I had the posters on my wall...(nice slabs Larry, I have a couple creased poster sets here and a ton of the game cards. So if you ever come by, we'll use mine for the playing field , not yours

The backs of the posters are the playing field, a yellow field marker was a dreaded pull from the packs instead of a player. The game cards have extremely poor quality control for centering. The regular cards are not as bad...but it's Topps in the Seventies, so you know you'll get the occasional bonus of two players on the same card.

Always seeking more, but be warned...I'm cheap
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