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Originally Posted by ls7plus View Post
Fast forward 30 years from the up to 1980 limitation--Does Jose Bautista, with his one and one-half year transformation from six years of being Mr. Mediocre (at best!) into Mantle/Mays/Williams, or Bonds/McGwire at their PED best piss anyone else off?

A pet peave of mine--I will not watch any Toronto Blue Jay games because of his bullshit.

Huh? Mr. Bautista changed his swing before going into last season, the main reason for his improved batting. He also swings extremely hard and doesn't hit many ground balls, it's all or nothing with him. I doubt he's on steroids, he's been the same size and build pretty much since he was a RC. The reason for the improved stats is mechanical, not chemical. When you see him in person, he's actually quite skinny.

Don't hate the player, hate your team for not picking him up when he was thrown away by the Pirates in 2008 for a player to be named later (Robinson Diaz?)
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