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Originally Posted by ls7plus View Post
Gee, I would have thought that most of us would have long since lost our sense of naivite about ten years ago, so these repsonses utterly shock me. Name one other player who laid down such a solid albeit purely mediocre base of talent (or decided lack of same ) for six years in a row, thoroughly establishing himself to be marginal major league quality at his very best, then all of a sudden blossems at age 29-30 to apparently become one of the best players there's ever been. And if you buy that achievement, I got some bridges to sell you C-H-E-A-P-P-P!!! (could use the cash to start my E107 set in style!).

Seriously, this never happens in nature, and I can save you the research time--its never happened before, and it never will in nature, because it is against nature, same as it was for Bonds to continue to dramatically improve year after year past the age of 35. Alternatively, it is a combinaltion that simply doesn't exist in nature, and must, therefore, have been produced throughother than natural causes. Supreme talent nearly always makes itself known at a very young age (check the minor league stats of Mantle, Mays, Williams, DiMaggio and even Chipper Jones, if you don't believe me. Old Jose, with who knows what tricks are up his sleeve (or down his britches) is truly one of a kind.

Let's hope for the good of the game he stays that way!


I thought I already named a guy. Did you ignore it?
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