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You really know your stuff, I appreciate it. I feel really good that the card is legit. The Boggs DS logo you uploaded is a great example and I will be certain to refer back to this thread, should I make future DS card purchases (at this time I only have Frank Thomas and Chipper Jones). I was supposed to receive the long wave black light that I previously ordered yesterday, but that is certainly not as important now.

Thank you for your help.

Originally Posted by Zach Wheat View Post

I think your card is good from the images posted. The biggest discrepancies between some of the really good fakes and legit cards - all have to do with the lettering in the embossed area. This is the only detail that is consistently incorrect in the really well done fake DS logos. I guess using the correct font and spacing is hard to duplicate (Legit logo has palm leaf pointing between the "R & A" unlike the fake logo in the illustration below where it points between the "E" & "R"). The letters on your card align up with the spacing on other legit cards.

As first noted by 4Reals and later detailed in the other N54 posts, your card should be a glow back - or printed in the period after they added brighteners to the red ink on the reverse of the card. As discussed in the thread, a high percentage of DS cards (not all, but 99% +/- range) should be glow backs. A legit 1991 Topps DS Chipper card should be printed on sheet "F*" (or the updated "Board F" as noted by the F* on the reverse near the copyright logo) which is consistent with your card.

For reference, following is a pic of a fake DS shield I've uploaded to demonstrate the font & spacing issues.....most notable is the letters "E" & "N" in the word Operation are shifted a half space to the right relative to a legit card. Your card looks good...

Nice card.

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