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Default Centering and condition rarities

For the 1st time since 1982 I'm venturing back into post war baseball.I was exchanging messages with a fellow board member and we discussed centering rarities in the 1972 set.Even before the discussion I realized that certain cards with said issues went from costing a few $$ for a mid grade then escalating drastically to a graded card in high grades/centered condition commanding hundreds of $$...even for a common player. Before grading this situation did not exist as far as huge prices.
My question as is how those of you trying to build higher grade sets in general deal with these cards.Do you usually settle on a lesser card or pony up the big $$?
Also what sets are you building that deal with these scarcities?
PS I'm not talking true card rarities or HOF's...the common card.
All thoughts welcome.

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