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Originally Posted by Forever Young View Post
Anyone else find them undervalued /interesting?
ABSOLUTELY!!!! And to be honest, I hope they stay that way, because it's that many more that I can pick up on a limited budget

As others have said, I really don't care about displayability personally, though I can see how that would be a deterrent to some. If I displayed every photo or negative that I have, I'd have to cover the house inside and out (and I'm sure my boys would promptly destroy them as they have the rest of my house).

One thing I do like about them is how well they store away, since I am admittedly a bit of a hoarder (well, except glass plates, I guess). I also love the detailed images that they produce if you've got the right scanner. The 1/1 aspect is neat too, though my favorites are the ones of guys where that may well be the 1/1 image of that obscure player in ANY medium.

But seriously, who really wants to collect negatives? Everyone should just lot up what they have and sell them off cheap, or better yet, just throw them out. Just be sure to let me know which dumpster they're going in
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