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Originally Posted by 1952boyntoncollector View Post
Exactly that makes no sense. You are supposed to make deals and you do the work to see if you can get increased value instead of getting charity from people.

Saying that someone's card is harder to sell so they will do a deal with you but its worth more money than your card does not make sense. The card either is or isnt more valuable in your mind.

Anyway, i think you should be buying a particular LOT at an auction and then spending the time selling the cards of individually and you can document the process. You would be putting in sweat equity to earn a potential profit but at least its feasible to keep making money that way and to reach your ultimate goal..

I respectfully disagree. If someone wants the card, and they have somehing they don't want and isn't as desirable, I believe they would rather trade down to what they want than wait for a sale on that item that may take a year.
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