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Default FS: Lot of 111 graded Pele cards from the 1964 Instantaneos da Vida Do Rei Pele set!

Hi all!

I have 111 graded vintage Pele cards from the 1964 Brazilian set dedicated to the King! All cards are in very good condition, graded mainly in the 4-6 range (none has surface damage which is extremely common with these cards that were mostly glued in the albums).

You can see a detailed list and scans of the actual cards in the link here

Shipping will be from Sweden and they weigh more or less more than my daughter, but I would be willing to discuss a very good package deal with anyone seriously interested for the whole lot. I am not splitting since I had a hard time getting all these together.

Send me a PM and we can take it from there! Cheers!
Interested in rare / rookie cards of soccer (football) legends and Pele cards (50s - 80s)
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