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Originally Posted by vintagetoppsguy View Post
I was watching this Bob Feller baseball that was priced at $27.95 (no Best Offer option). However, because the seller knew I was watching it, he went ahead and sent me an offer of $21. I accepted. So, it is a cool feature.

On another note, it shows as if it sold for $27.95 (not the $21 that I paid). So, if this had been a graded card instead, would VCP have recorded the $27.95 asking price or the $21 that I paid?

Hmmm, at least with "Best Offer" the original price gets lined out, and it fits between the correct realized prices on "Sold" searches.

This can lead to some unsavory price manipulation.

I personally don't like the idea at all. If the seller wanted to field offers, he'd list the item with "Best Offer". This just encourages more flea market haggling, and additional friction between sellers and buyers.
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