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I wouldn't read into the population reports too much and think that 1966 was the easiest year to find. The 1966 population report has been beefed up largely by me. There absolutely was a 1966 album (I own one) and the cards were glued in the albums like crazy in 1966. I dug high and low to get the 1966 cards that I have, which are responsible for close to 75% of the higher grade material in the 1966 pop. report, but most cards are not found that nice. 1966 Venezuelan cards were printed on the best quality card stock they used for any Venezuelan set, and the stock has allowed the cards to survive a little better.

I personally think finding 1964 cards is easier than 1966 cards, but finding cards with no surface damage is easier in 1966. The 1964 cards are on terrible card stock, and the black backs make finding clean examples from this year a huge undertaking.
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