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Default Some more 1990 George Bush Topps questions

So was this "authentic" 1990 George Bush card that ended on eBay last night trimmed? I never thought it was would go to $1,650+, considering that a Beckett "4.5" of the same card recently sold for $1,009 on eBay and there is currently a Bush Beckett "4" sitting on eBay with no bids and a $1,500 opening price.

Just from my anecdotal observations, it seems like more and more of the Bush cards have been hitting auction in the past year or two. PSA has currently graded 27 of the card. Has it ever been definitively determined how many Bush cards were released beyond the batch that was given to the President? Are all of the cards that have gone to auction in recent years assumed to have come from the general public's supply as opposed to the former President's allotment?

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