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Originally Posted by ALR-bishop View Post
Good Questions Eddie. Sorry to say I got mine some time back before the current glut hit the market. But if all the cards showing up came from whatever stash they have to Bush, why is it that an autographed copy has never shown up. Seems like that would be a natural for such a card. Many of the Topps single issue Garagiola cards Topps produced for him, once in the 70s and once in the 90s, do show up with autos
I believe all the Bush cards were given to Bush and in turn he gave them out to all his staff members and never actually kept any for himself.

I can not quite figure out why the one posted in the link is only labeled authentic. I do see a crease, maybe two, but that should still get it a grade of at least 4 if the corners and edges are still good. My guess would be that the bottom left corner has been restored, maybe recolored.
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