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Doubt I will be much help as I found only one offered example by Jim Stinson (in 2013) among the past 10+ years of dealer price lists saved. That would include prior sales listings published by Jim Stinson, Quality Autographs/Kevin Keating, Bill Corcoran, Ron Gordon, MVP Autograph/Doug Averitt, and less frequent lists rom Richard Simons, Prewarsports/Rhys Yeakley, Rich Albersheim, Mike Gutierrez, and Jodi Birkholm. Unfortunately, I did not keep a running record of auction listings and results. That might have proven more useful. Seems to me that a example may have been offered as part of a group of vintage 1912-15 Boston Red Sox autographs by Hunt Auctions in the past two-three years. But my memory fails me if that is accurate.

Regardless, the one item from Jim Stinson was offered in his 10/23/2013 Autograph Update, and reads as such:

111) LESLIE NUNAMAKER HANDWRITTEN AND SIGNED 1914 BASEBALL STATISTICAL INFORMATION BUREAU QUESTIONAIRE Measures 3x5. Extremely RARE AUTOGRAPH ! To the best of my knowledge this is the ONLY Nunamaker autograph that has EVER been offered for public sale. A catcher for the 1911-1914 Boston Red Sox, 1914-1917 Yankees, 1918 Browns, and 1919-20 Cleveland. He Helped the 1912 Red Sox win the World Series and later accomplished the same for the 1920 Cleveland Indians. Comes with an unsigned 8x10 pictured in Cleveland uniform and smaller unsigned photo in Yankees uniform for display. He was only 49 years old when he died in 1938 !!!!! $3,500.00

Please keep in mind this listing is from 2013 and therefore possible that other examples have since been offered. But I think given Jim's years of experience, it quite reasonable to assume that you have an rare autograph within your 1930 Lincoln scrapbook. Congrats on your find !!!

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