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Default 1971 Orioles WS

Originally Posted by 71buc View Post
I love the "stuff/junk" you posted. I would be interested if you are looking to sell or trade it PM me please. Your Baltimore media pass is obviously unused and is the first blue version I have seen. For some reason 1971 World Series Baltimore "stuff/junk" is tougher to come by. Its probably because Boog cut off that throw

Below I posted a picture of all of my Press Passes from the 1971Post season. As you can see my Baltimore press pass is green and was used. Game two was rained out. I know it sounds stupid but I love that my pass shows evidence of rain drop stains.

As requested I posted my Baltimore Game 7 score card. I picked it up with this group of tickets from the Baltimore games. I think the notes written on the reverse of the stubs are cool. Although they serve to devalue the stubs, in my opinion the notes make them far more interesting. Lastly, since you are a Brooks fan I attached an original color photo of Stargell and Robinson taken in Baltimore during the series. As you can see the cool guy with the shades on is wearing an orange press pass I have yet to see one anywhere else. Thanks for indulging me. I'm going stop now before I begin to ramble
I thought of you collection when I was organizing and noticed some of the '71 WS items. The Orioles media pass is a washed out kinda faded looking blue and not really as bright as the picture taken of the item would portray. So, how many versions of the Orioles pass are there? We know there is blue, green and now I see there is an orange version seen in the Brooks/Stargell photo (which is a very cool pic by the way). Thanks for posting the photo of the passes; some I've never seen before.

Well, I'm probably somewhat like you in that I like things like the water stains on the pass, since the game was rained out, and the notations on the back of the WS tickets. Like you said it may somewhat devalue the item, but I'm personally not looking too much for perfect condition on something like a ticket or a media pass.

Do you have the scorecard that I pictured; the one in the middle? Mine is kinda rough and someone listed the players names inside, but did not score. Thanks for posting the game 7 scorecard!

Oh; and ramble on...
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