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Originally Posted by BigBeerGut View Post
Sounds like a guy who did not get what he wanted.

Soooo let us bash the dealer! Did it ever occur to you you would not even have SEEN the card if that dealer did not bring the card in the first place for you to even get a sniff?
You should have just bought the card and 'over paid' --since it would not have been over paying ...because you can not find the card!!

First time you even saw that one you needed right?
Beer Gut, I totally agree with you and from your recent posts I think it would be a blast to hit a bar and tip a few with you.

Buyers thinking they should tell sellers to lower their prices... kind of self-serving, isn't it? And I sure don't buy the "good for the bobby" line. Like Gut says, be happy the dealer had one that you could see. You're actually better off for that, as opposed to the dealer not having it at all, at any price.
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