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Originally Posted by 71buc View Post
I don't have the scorecard you posted and I really have no idea how many colors there are for the Baltimore press passes. Although the 1971 series would be considered modern there is actually very little out there. This is especially true for the NLCS and the ALCS. NLCS stubs are available for Pittsburgh and Baltimore ALCS stubs are available for less than 50.00. However, stubs from the games played in San Francisco and Oakland are very difficult. My San Francisco stubs pictured below sell for 150.00 each if you can find them. I have yet to see the Oakland ALCS stubs for sale. Perhaps a member here has one? I would love to see a 1971 World Series Oriole Pinback as well as I have never seen one of those either. In case Rob doesn't have an example of the NLCS program there are two currently on eBay. The only other NLCS item I have other than the press passes is this paper celebrating the Pirates NLCS victory.
That is a crazy price....and you'll have to take his word that the center scorecard is "right." If I was really out, beating the bushes, this is something I might steal from someone who thought it was just a generic program. I really should start emailing anyone I see selling a "1971 Giants program"...

Originally Posted by 71buc View Post
I was referring to an Oriole pinback similar to the ones I posted below. I do have that Pagan item as well as both 1971 World Series Press pins. I don't have my collection displayed. However, my son just moved out so it may be a possibility in the near future provided my wife hasn't claimed or made plans for that space already.
My bet is on a "crafts room."

Originally Posted by Mark70Z View Post

Do you have an example; would love to see it. Also, since you are a Giants fan do you have any items related to the NLCS for '71?
I don't have one. As Mike said, they are ridiculously expensive and all you're paying for is the standard program (shown) with "Averages as of Sept. 30" printed on the left sides of the center scorecards. Nice shot of Mays and Bonds, Sr. going up against the good ol' Candlestick chainlink. I just researched the program I have and it was a 1-0 complete game by Marichal vs. that team from down south . I also noticed the Giants played five sub-two hour games that year.

I only have a few 1971 postseason items. You see, the Giants lost. *%$@!* Bob Robertson. Compare the price of a lower reserved WS ticket to today's prices.
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if you can help with SF Giants items (no cards), let me send you my wantlist!
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