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Default World champions bat

I have a couple of these. 9, 12 and 14 inch bats. I can only say I think it is a company that made this bat?. meaning the company {World Champions} is the maker of this bat?. a souvenir bat for any occasion. 9 inch? is the most common?.

souvenir bats were hot in mid 20s. I believe your bat is from around that time frame

the ones I have are mostly blank barrel. with just center brand. and I have a couple with teams on them similar to yours. I don't collect full size and don't know of one of these available full size. probably is one?.

everyone I have seen with a team on it . the owner wants to believe it came from the W.S. and I cant say were it came from I don't know. I have always considered them salesman samples?. but I haven't seem a full size one. no idea who made them and are these small ones all they made?,.
there almost always 9 inch blank barrel bats?. and ones like yours show up.

I think a vendor possibly at a world series game that had access to a couple of these bats.
had the team name added to the bat and sold them?. I am always digging trying to figure them out?.

you could ask full size bat collectors they might know. who made it and a date ? I would like to know.

I have the same bat with the cubs on it. I display it proudly but I wont say its from the 1908 world series. wish I could. my bat is not 1908 old and exactly the same bat as yours

The GRAND RAPIDS CHICKS bat dates to that teams playing days?. I don't know this team I guaranty someone would know if you posted it and asked.

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