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Originally Posted by Scott Garner View Post
Okay, so it isn't 5. Let's call it top 10 in no particular order...
Aaron, Koufax, Bonds, Clemens, Randy Johnson, Seaver, Ryan, Griffey, Carlton, Mariano Rivera

BTW, I know that people will criticize my picking Ryan (personal bias).
Ryan absolutely dominated opposing hitters (7 no-hitters, 12 1-hitters, 5,714 strikeouts). He also left the ML setting (or tying) 52 MLB records.
I know from personal experience being a die-hard Angels fan when I was growing up in So Cal that Ryan was unfortunate to spend the majority of his career playing for two teams (Angels & Astros) that just did not score any runs. You can't win if your team doesn't score for you. Just sayin'...
I am right there with you on Ryan. He was a pitching machine. No one will ever touch his record. I would also put Maddox on the list.
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