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Default Call me crazy

When I included Trout on my list I thought it was crazy as well. Nonetheless the question was who is the greatest living player. I think the 8 seasons he has produced are impossible to deny. I'm not even an Angels fan but I believe we are already witnessing one of the top 5 players in the history of the game and at age 28 he is entering his prime. He is so damn good people forget he is only one year older than Machado and Harper.

Trout vs. All-Time Leaders Through Age-27 Seasons

HR TROUT 240 Barry Bonds 142
HITS TROUT 1,187 Pete Rose 899
BASES TROUT 2,219 Hank Aaron 2,305
RUNS TROUT 793 Rickey Henderson 732
WALKS TROUT 693 Barry Bonds 484

His first Eight seasons have produced a Rookie of the year, two MVP Awards, Finished second in MVP voting 4 times and ranked 4th once. He has earned
Six Silver Slugger Awards, Seven All Star Games, twice named as All Star Game MVP

1971 Pirates Ticket Quest:
75 of 153 regular season stubs (49%), 14 of 14 1971 ALCS, NLCS , and World Series stubs (100%)

If you have any 1971 Pirate regular season game stubs (home or away games) please let me know what have!
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