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I know not pre 1980 but this one perplexed me. 2012 Topps as they had in past years had a number of "Error" or Short Print cards in both series one and Two. But this #328 John Lackey "Rainbow" error has never gotten a listing. I had a nephew born that year so like many relatives before I put together a master set of cards for him to give when he get older. I saw some early posts for the lackey card but held off until about April then I purchased 3 of the cards one from Alabama one from Ohio and one from California. So I know it had wide distribution was only in the very first print run from that year and was told by folks that broke down many cases of Product that they only got one "rainbow lackey card each. They had held them saw no traction and sold them in April for a couple bucks each. I had them Graded last year and despite clear printing error you can see flip is the same for both cards. I did notice that about 20 2012 lackeys were graded so I would think there is a small population of the cards that has been graded and Look forward to your learned opinions.
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