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Originally Posted by EYECOLLECTVINTAGE View Post
Scott, I was never contacted. I have checked spam etc. Iím not sure what proof you have to him contacting me many times, but id like to see proof. If the Mantle was trimmed, Iím assuming that replacing it with the same card (not trimmed) is all that would need to be done since that is what people were in the contest for as you said. Not looking to argue. I want to make it right to the buyer. I donít understand how else I can say that he never contacted me though.
The only thing that matters is the card is not as described. Buy the gentleman a card that fits what he should have received. He should also get to keep the original card for the "mistake" of getting a crap card. JMHO
T210 Series 3 Ft Worth, looking for low end examples and especially ones with a Y shaped hole punch. I also have some extra T210's for trade.
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