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Originally Posted by GasHouseGang View Post
Ok Dale, I blew it up to different levels and snipped it so you can see what I'm seeing when it's magnified. It starts off with a regular card magnified to 200%. Then your card at 200%, then 300%, then 400%. You can clearly still set remnants of the "t" at the end of his name as well as other parts when compared to the regular example.
Thanks, David.

I can, now, clearly make out the "T", especially at the end of his name as you mention.

I assume either the TPG's missed it or the "A", authentic is for the signature only?
I Googled the crap out of NNOF 52 Topps and could find no other info on them anywhere so it likely stands that this card's signature was erased/removed as has been previously suggested.
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