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Originally Posted by S_GERACE View Post
Hi Jeff,
Love the display. I always liked the Grange Yeast Foam ad that also came from dug stores (where he is punting the football)! Two questions. What is the large die-cut piece with the guy passing the ball (middle of the display cabinet-very cool) & where is your Red Grange model Football (it would be a great companion piece with the box)?
Die-cut piece is a Catalina Sweater advertising piece of Jay Berwanger (first Heisman winner). There are other college players who have similar Catalina advertisement pieces like this. MSB Sportscards has a few of them on their web site if anyone is interested in getting one. They are really hard to find.

I haven't put the football in this display yet. I'm actually planning to redo it as a Grange only display and will include it then.

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