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On May 18, 1912 Thorpe participated in the Olympic Trials at Celtic Park in NY and secured his spot in the Pentathlon by winning convincingly. On May 24 & 25 he was supposed to compete in the Decathlon trials but when he and just 1 other competitor showed up the event was cancelled and he was later on added to the team based on his performance in the pentathlon trials and reputation as an all around track athlete. In his book ‘Jim Thorpe-A Biography’ William A. Cook writes that Thorpe’s final event prior to the Olympics came on June 8 at the Eastern Olympic Tryouts in Cambridge. In addition to a newspaper article I possess(can’t find it!) in which it states that Thorpe was leaving NY to travel to the Olympic Trials in Cambridge for the selection of the Olympic team that day confirms that Thorpe was in attendance at Cambridge on June 8th. The committee took the winners that day at the Eastern Trials as automatic qualifiers and then filled in the events with other athletes. That is how Thorpe made it in the high jump and long jump and Pentathlon without competing in them at the Trials. The selection was done on June 8 after the day’s competition was over. Following is a program, ticket and panoramic photo(43in X 6.7in) of all the athletes who was up for selection and the officials involved. The photo provided is a photo of a photo as the actual photo is rolled up right now and I don’t want to damage it any further. Ive added the description of the photo from when I bought it. I’ve bought a frame from the 1910’s to have the photo framed but will have a professional do it as they know how to steam them before unrolling them to prevent tears. I know there is a participation/placers certificate and medals from this event...sure would like to add those to this group. I know Thorpe is not in the program nor competed but he most certainly was in attendance so it represents a huge chapter in his life!

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