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Default Other Native American Olympians

I commented in the postcard thread that I have a few photos of Native American Olympians in my archives. There was a reply that someone would like to see some of them. I thought this may be the appropriate place to show them. I have the 1912 Olympics postcard of Thorpe, but it was already posted so no reason for me to post mine. I picked it up in Sweden from someone who had multiples of almost every card in the set. I have also seen the complete set of cards in a display at the Gothenburg Sports Museum which has one of the largest collections of 1912 Olympics memorabilia. The collection was amassed by 1952 and 1956 Olympian Lars Hindmar. I met him at the World Olympic Collector's Fair in Gothenburg where he was still purchasing items at 94 years of age. As I collect Olympic photographs and autographs I generally pass on other items unless they are part of a lot that has photos or the price is ridiculously low and I can make a few dollars to purchase more for my archives. I have a large number of photos of Pre-WWI Olympians and many more of Pre-WWII Olympians. If I have one and someone would like to see a scan let me know. Anyway here are some interesting ones:

Amasoli Patasoni - A Zuni from New Mexico. He went to Haskell Institute in Kansas. Competed in the 10,000m and Cross Country Race at the 1920 Olympics in Antwerp. Very little is known about him, not even his date of death. Two photos from 1920 and one from 1922

Frank Mount Pleasant - Member of the Tuscarora Nation in New York. He attended The Carlisle School and Dickinson College. He competed in the long jump and triple jump at the 1908 Olympics. He coached football at the Indiana Normal School, now Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 1911-1913. Photo shows him competing in the long jump at the 1908 Olympic Trials.

Wilson 'Buster' Charles - Member of the Oneida Tribe. He attended Haskell Institute where he played on the football and basketball teams. He competed in the decathlon at the 1932 Olympics. Photo shows him competing in the Olympics.

Clarence 'Taffy' Abel - Member of the Soo Nation. He won a silver medal in ice hockey at the 1924 Olympics. He is also the only Native American to carry the United States flag at the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics. He would join the NHL and become the first American Olympian to win the Stanley Cup when he did it with the New York Rangers in 1928. Photo shows him in 1924 with the Olympic team manager.

Lewis Tewanima - A member of the Hopi Nation. He attended The Carlisle School and was a classmate of Jim Thorpe. He competed in the 1908 and 1912 Olympics. He won a silver medal in the 10,000m in Stockholm. The first photo shows him with a group of U.S. athletes on their way to Stockholm in 1912. He can be seen in the back row. Sitting in the front row with a stuffed bear in one hand and a cigarette in the other is Howard Drew. One of the great early Black runners. He would twice set a world record in the 100 yard dash. The person sitting two away from his right appears to be Andrew Sockalexis, though I cannot confirm as I do not own a photo of him. The second photo shows him leading in the final of the 10,000 meter race.

Lastly a Culver Archive reprint of Thorpe from the Olympic Meet in New York, June 12, 1912 at Highland Park.
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