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My collecting focus is to try to recreate through items/memorabilia from events of Jim Thorpe’s life. Although this medal is not attributed to Thorpe himself..the following was a medal given to the victorious athletes from the citizens of NY upon their return from the Olympics. Thorpe would have received one just like it. The medal had a horizontal top bar with a pin in order to attach it to one’s clothing. I’ve been fortunate to pick up 2 of these. I’ve seen a pennant that was sold to commemorate the occasion also..just didn’t win that one. On the front it says...’New York Greetings’. On the back it says..’Presented By The Citizens Of The City Of New York Commemorating The “Home Coming” Of The Victorious American Team From The Olympic Games Stockholm 1912’

Cards numbered to 25,50,100:

Cards numbered to 99, 10:

Cards numbered to 5, 25:

Cards numbered to 25(spotlight), 25(Hawaiian), 50, 100, 599:

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