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Originally Posted by thenavarro View Post
Nice piece. I showed one of these in 2015 and a few here thought that mine was not in the hand of Hancock but rather the person listed at the bottom. When comparing to yours, I think it's fairly obvious that yours and mine were done by the same person (see the descriptions of the pott ash, of the shipper, of Harrison Barnard, and the date at the bottom particularly the 17). So unless Jon Freeman, the master on yours, and James Scott, the master on mine, (who the consensus said filled out the whole document on mine) was the same peep , I think we did ok.

I did end up having mine slabbed too by Beckett/JSA, looks pretty nice in the slab. I don't have it at this house so I can't take a pic but if I find any on my phone I'll post it so you can see what it looks like in the slab.

Mike did you go back and re-read the posts? I was all over the post. It was that post that made me want to get one of these. Yes I want to see it for sure. Do you display it or keep it tucked away?
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