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Default good distinction

Being a grumpy jerk to some people at a show because of whatever's going on in his life should hardly be the sole criterion for whether an athlete is a true bastard... we've all had our down moments. With most of these guys you hear anecdotes from the other side about how they were nice at least some of the time.

We're talking the REAL bad actors here.... the Hal Chases and OJs of the HOF.
(or as Lyle said about Munson - not moody (which implies you're nice some of the time), just plain mean. Who are they?

Originally Posted by rats60 View Post
The correct answer is no one. Who else tried to hurt fans with a baseball? Destroy teammates property with a bat? Try to run over kids on Halloween? Expose himself to a teenage girl? Mays, Jackson etc. could be rude, but none are in Belle's league.
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