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Originally Posted by Kco View Post
I can talk from the industry side on this issue a little bit as I was with Steiner Sports for nearly a decade. I canít talk to Upper Decks policies regarding forgeries or infringements but saying Steiner Sports doesnít care would be an overstatement and probably an oversimplification.

Actually, they do care, they are just limited in what they can do. From my time there running e-commerce, When blatant fakes were posted on eBay or other stores and brought to the attention of the right people, we flagged and contacted eBay to have items removed. As for websites we found selling fake or questionable items, C&D letters were drafted and sent to the sites owners. Unfortunately as you can imagine, there are literally millions of Steiner Sports items on the marketplace from all different eras, and itís virtually impossible to go after every item and listing. Itís part of why each of these bigger companies always encourage you to buy direct or from a licensed retailer to ensure legitimacy.

Iím also talking to what I know from my time there, which ended in 2014, but when I was there we did in fact do what we could to stop blatant fakes and forgeries. Canít really say what their practice is these days
Sorry, Kevin, I am not letting them off the hook.
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