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This might be one of the most stupid (or ignorant) posts I have seen on this board. You either didn't or can't comprehend post #9?

To PWCC- As someone who runs a forum with around 8000 users I will tell you that no matter what you do there will be some idiot who doesn't like it.. Keep doing what you are doing, please. Be vigilant. The hobby supports you...

Originally Posted by dariushou View Post
Ha, if i were to sit down and send emails to PWCC about all of the shills and whatnot going on in their auctions, I wouldn't find time to eat, s**t or sleep. It's not my job to go onto ebay and police PWCC auctions, but when i do see some b.s. I will post it here. I avoid their auctions like no tomorrow unless i want a good laugh.

Are they doing something?? Anyone can say whatever they like, but action is where the beef is. There is no action on their side. None...unless they get caught or i mean someone calls something out. That's total b.s. If you come on here with some big mean policy that is supposed to comfort people into bidding on your auctions then try to be proactive and not reactive!
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