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Originally Posted by Leon View Post
This might be one of the most stupid (or ignorant) posts I have seen on this board. You either didn't or can't comprehend post #9?

To PWCC- As someone who runs a forum with around 8000 users I will tell you that no matter what you do there will be some idiot who doesn't like it.. Keep doing what you are doing, please. Be vigilant. The hobby supports you...
I agree. PWCC has hundreds of auctions ending every night with quite a few different bidders in each one. There is no way that they can monitor each and every bidder. The eBay system has nothing to help do this. This is why they ask for people that see suspicious bidding to alert them. If you don't like the way them do this, don't bid. Don't come here and bitch and complain when you see something you don't like.
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