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Originally Posted by jfkheat View Post
I agree. PWCC has hundreds of auctions ending every night with quite a few different bidders in each one. There is no way that they can monitor each and every bidder. The eBay system has nothing to help do this. This is why they ask for people that see suspicious bidding to alert them. If you don't like the way them do this, don't bid. Don't come here and bitch and complain when you see something you don't like.
The consignors are the one's that would effectuate change with the help from the buyers. If more people didnt bid on 'shilled' aucitions then the consignors may be dissatisfied with the prices realized which in turn may reduce consignments which in turn may promote policy changes. As long as legit people keep bidding and winning on 'shilled' auctions it will go on. The bidders are to blame period.

Please add 'alleged' before every 'shilled'

In addition, If you win an auction due to the guy above you retracting, i am pretty sure the seller will understand and agree 100% that you can cancel your purchase as well. That would frustrate consignors.

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