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Originally Posted by Slinger View Post
I left in my teens.

I came back 7 months ago at 38.

I feel this is a common/usual cycle perhaps. Not to worry.
This is very common! I collected up until I was 14 and didn't come back to it until I hit 29 a few years ago. All my friends who collected when we were kids pretty much have done the same thing. The difference between now and then is that we all have a decent amount of disposable income that allows us to buy all the cards that we wanted when we were kids and couldn't afford it. One of the first cards I bought when I got back into it was a beat up Ruth Goudey card. When I received it in the mail it was like I was a kid again... awesome feeling and full of nostalgia! I think a lot of people get back into it for the same reasons.
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