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Got a helluva deal on this 65 Topps and it arrived in the mail today.Thanks! I actually prefer this over most of the basic set, because the photo is so unique. Almost every other basic issue is a head shot or a batting stance. The 65T is definitely different.

This card leaves me 1 card shy of completing the 60's portion of the PSA basic set. Then I need 1 new and 1 upgrade to finish the 70's and the 1980 Topps and 81 Donruss I just added leave me needing 2 new to finish the 80's. Below is my wish list, the only cards I need before I consider my 34-card basic set complete:

1963 Topps #115 in PSA 7
1971 Topps #530 in PSA 7.5 or 8
1973 Topps #245 in PSA 8
1982 Topps #650 in PSA 9
1984 Fleer #412 in PSA 10

If you have any of those for sale or trade, please let me know. Thanks!

Link to basic set:
Actively collecting Carl Yastrzemski !
Also 1964 & 68 Topps Venezuelans

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