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Here's the season ticket version of the ticket from Johan Santana's 2012 no-hitter against St. Louis, the first no-no in Mets' history.

The team later offered reprints of these tickets - I believe season ticket holders got reprints of the tickets for their seats free, plan holders could buy reprints at a reduced rate, and the general public could buy them for $50 (I think) apiece. The Mets said the reprints would be exactly the same as the originals, but when I received mine I noticed the line "Season Ticket" did not appear on the reprint.

Ironically, Mets' season tickets are usually issued in a spiral-bound book, in strips of four, but in 2012 they were issued in shrinkwrapped bricks of individual tickets. Had 2012 season tickets been issued spiral-bound, it would have been easier to distinguish reprints because the originals would have had perforations on one or two sides, whereas the reprints have straight edges on all sides.

And speaking of reprints... here's a "souvenir commemorative" ticket to Roy Halladay's perfect game against the Florida Marlins, May 29, 2010. The Marlins sold tickets to the seats that went unsold for the actual game as souvenirs after the fact. Unfortunately, they charged the actual ticket price for the reprints, instead of a nominal reduced rate. So this ticket cost me $16.00 plus fees and such.

Note the A10JUN0 date in the lower left corner - this indicates the date the ticket was printed (6/10/10), proving this ticket was printed AFTER the game and thus is a "souvenir commemorative" ticket and not an actual ticket that was used, or could have been used, to attend the game. So at least it'll be easy to identify "real" tickets from these "souvenirs."

Fortunately, I knew I wasn't buying anything that would wind up being valuable - I did it for fun - but I wonder how many of these were sold after the fact, presumably to people who thought they were getting something good.
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