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Originally Posted by YankeeFan View Post
Until today, I never saw a pinback with a knife attached. Very nice Mantle pin, BTW.

Another attachment I think is odd because it has nothing to do with baseball is this rabbits foot hanging from a Babe Ruth pinback.

BTW, I've been hoping to see some World Series and All-Star game press pins in this thread. I had a bunch of them years ago, but the vintage ones are gone now :-(. I have a few recent Yankees WS and 2008 All-Star and just one or two others. One of these days I hope to start a run of Yankees WS press pins. I'm sure many of you guys have nice press pins collections. I would love to see some of them!
I have Giants pins with rabbit's feet.....I always figured they were just good luck for the team or player.

Totally agree with your wish to see some press pins....not necessarily Yankees
if you can help with SF Giants items (no cards), let me send you my wantlist!
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